Rhonni Nightingale - Singer/Songwriter

I've always been fascinated with language: the rhythms, the rhyme, the musicality of it.  Although I seem to have a mental block when it comes to learning a language other than English, I don't have the same block when it comes to the language of music.  Marry those two, Language and Music, and you get the Song!

I came to songwriting late in life; I was 36 when I wrote my first serious song.  After that happened, I wondered if I'd be able to do it again!  But, I kept on writing.

Writing a song is one thing; performing it is yet another skill/talent; and arranging and recording, another.  I enjoy all of those processes and hope to continue them for as long as I can.

My mother was very supportive of my musical talents.  She made sure I had piano lessons from the time I was seven years old.  I am just now beginning to appreciate the challenges she had to overcome in order to find me piano teachers.  She taught me to sing harmony and my sister and I sang duets at church; Mom also sent us to a two-week singing school when we were in our early teens. 

Thanks also to my family, I learned to play flute and accordion, and I even took an organ lesson once.  I play around with the guitar and penny whistle, and love to mess about with rhythm instruments.

In college I was part of a large choir and continued piano lessons for two years, but I never considered a career in it.  So I became a teacher.  I taught at the elementary level for seven years, and then later, for nine years I taught Music, Drama and Art at the middle school level.

Now retired, I am beginning to fill my time with musical endeavors: I play piano for a small church on Sunday mornings, I accompany high school vocalists for competitions and auditions, I have started some live performances again, and I'm putting together songs for a new album.

Currently I have two albums for sale through CD Baby:  Circle 'Round Me: an album of original songs for children; and Once Upon a Crime: songs that are mainly autobiographical in nature and address fairly serious topics, such as childhood abuse, divorce, self-esteem, self-discovery and recovery.

I have lived in Texas, Nevada, Idaho, Kansas, Washington and California, and currently reside in Texas.  My stage name, Rhonni Nightingale, was suggested by my friend Mardi, and is based on my first and middle names-"Rhonda Gale".

I hope you will find a belonging, a comfort, a peace in my music; that you will allow me to sing over you and into your darkest night like the nightingale.