I'd Like to Moove to India 


I’d Like to Moove to India

by William Shakesteer


Oh, I’d like to moove to India where cattle are supreme,

And live in old Calcutta and give sanctified ice cream


I’d like to moove to India where the entire world is mine,

And visit old Bombay where all heifers are divine.


Yes, all the cows in India are worshipped and revered;

When we stampede New Delhi, we’re honored and we’re cheered.


I’d like to moove to India and tour the Taj Mahal,

But I’m wondering if Asia is the place for me at all?


Oh, I’d

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The Laughter House 

The Laughter House

        by Hay Leno

(first in a series of cow poetry)


Elmer and Elsie and Bossy and I

(somewhat bored on a Saturday night)

Planned to look for the eve’s entertainment,

then go somewhere else for a bite.


Bossy suggested the “Laughter House”

which she said was a comedy place.

“It seems from the size of the venue,” she said,

“that they will have plenty of space.”


So I polished my hooves and braided my tail;

I was ready at half past nine.

The others came over and herded me out;


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Soon to come 

I've been joining a group of people who formed the High Plains Poetry Project.  We read our own poetry and that of others and discuss whatever comes up.  It is good for me to interact with folks I don't normally come in contact with, and I get to hear some great works.

Although song lyrics can be considered a form of poetry, I've dabbled in other rhyming endeavors, most of which are silly and for fun.

So here I will post an original poem now and then.  Look for the first one soon; you've heard of "cowboy…

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