Welcome to the website of Rhonni Nightingale!  Here you will find music to warm your heart and delight your soul.

Here are some things you might come across:

  • Musings on the life of an independent musician
  • A story or two of how a song came to be
  • Audio CDs and maybe a video now and then
  • Cow poetry (yes, you read that right!)
  • Other musical and artistic endeavors:
    • As a piano accompanist
    • Star Patrol Art Camps for school kids

But... you won't find:

  • Political discussions
  • Lengthy articles
  • Lots of pictures of my cat!

So, stick around for a bit and let's get acquainted.


P.S.  To link directly to CD Baby and purchase my album "Circle 'Round Me" or to buy "Once Upon a Crime" (I am working on finding out the correct link for this.   Sorry...)