Sending love back to CD Baby! 

This past August I happened to be in Portland, Oregon for a memorial service.  I had flown in from Texas, so after the service and some family activities, I had an extra day before my return flight.  So... I decided to visit the CD Baby facilities.

I called after lunch, and we set up a time for that afternoon.  Sarah (sp?) greeted me at the door and led me past and among the cubicles of lots of pleasant and busy youthful people, mostly at computers.  She introduced me to a few of them and gave me a great…

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It's all new(s) to me! 

Setting up a website totally on my own is new to me.  Now that I am semi-retired from the work force, I have more time to do such things.  I'm not one of those people who seem to know intuitively how to set up a site, so I'm grateful to HostBaby for having templates I can use and for hosting my site.  Please bear with me as I build the site; there are more pages and info I want to share, and I promise I will get to those.

Having my own blog is new to me and one I think I'll enjoy.  I've posted a couple of

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