Sending love back to CD Baby!

This past August I happened to be in Portland, Oregon for a memorial service.  I had flown in from Texas, so after the service and some family activities, I had an extra day before my return flight.  So... I decided to visit the CD Baby facilities.

I called after lunch, and we set up a time for that afternoon.  Sarah (sp?) greeted me at the door and led me past and among the cubicles of lots of pleasant and busy youthful people, mostly at computers.  She introduced me to a few of them and gave me a great tour; we ended up at the warehouse where all CDs are stored in preparation for purchase and shipping.  Rows and rows!!  It was very exciting to be in huge room full of music by independent artists.

When I asked if I could see where my own albums were stored, she very agreeably walked us back up front where she could find the digits to help her locate them.  A few moments later, sticky note in hand, we were back in the warehouse, fairly close to where the packaging team was hard at work preparing albums for shipping to customers.  She mentioned that the fact that my albums were so close to the front meant that I was "moving merchandise".  For the uninitiated, that means "it is selling!"  Then she volunteered to use my phone and take a pic of me by the shelves with my children's album.

I wasn't there long, but it was a very enjoyable experience and Sarah made me feel a part of the CD Baby family.  Thank you, Sarah!  And thank you, CD Baby for providing a place where you do most of the work to sell my albums!  I am grateful and I send love back to you!

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