It's all new(s) to me!

Setting up a website totally on my own is new to me.  Now that I am semi-retired from the work force, I have more time to do such things.  I'm not one of those people who seem to know intuitively how to set up a site, so I'm grateful to HostBaby for having templates I can use and for hosting my site.  Please bear with me as I build the site; there are more pages and info I want to share, and I promise I will get to those.

Having my own blog is new to me and one I think I'll enjoy.  I've posted a couple of writings on Facebook long ago, and even wrote a newspaper column one school year. In the past I've consistently had a journal, but it wasn't really for public consumption.  Now that I have a blog page (click on Musings) I hope to eventually be posting once every two weeks.  I've learned not to set my goals too high or I feel really guilty when I can't or don't meet them.  And please, don't try to talk me out of that guilt, because I'm just a martyr that way!

Another thing new for me is the process of becoming a full-time musician.  I am learning how to speak up about what I do and why I am good at it.  I consider that all my talents and gifts come from God and I am grateful that I can do something I love and get paid for it.  I have no lofty goal to become famous; I just want to do what I do (which is write songs and sing them) as often as I can.

So stick around...


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